06 August 2011

Special for you, Darling.

You ask me why we haven't talked to you for a while, well, maybe it's because you slowly pushed us out of your life. Glad you noticed it :)

When you're in a relationship
you always forget that you still have friends other than him. Dont make us a place for you to stop over when you sad or get bored only. Kami bukan R&R okeh :-)

You cant stop sms-ing/ whatssapp ur friends when you with ur bf. But why you cnt stop whatssapp-ing ur bf when you wif friend? Like in this world only bout you and ur
bf! Pftt~ Orang lain pun ada bf jugak oi!

You know how annoying when we talk to you,but u keep look at ur
hp?! OK we are not as beautifull as ur iphone.

Don't you remember who
are you looking for when you sad cz have an argue with ur bf darling? And now you leave ur friends after you reconcile w him?! Wth man!

We give you a 2nd chances
cuz we consider you as our
Bestfriend. But this is what you gve to us? Tak
kenang budi betul!

We asked u for outing,you
said 'I've to ask him 1st'. Dulu you didnt ask ur mom pn nak kua! Now when you have a bf, you want to be gf
yg solehah lah? hahaha.. funny dumbass!

How could u to leave a Besfriend you know for a long time just because ur
Boyfriend who you know less than a year?
You ever say this 'I love my BFF'..

Ok. Now I wanna ask you.. Ur BFF is stand for bestfriendforeveror boyfriendforever eh? can you tell me please darling. im so confuse now.. :-)

#credit to ; my sista Abby Mandoza.